Creating useful, easy to use
and beautiful software

A dedicated team of enthusiasts, we take pride in our work. Mindomo is our brainchild, crafted to enhance your understanding, learning, and decision-making skills. Our mission is to help you thrive in both educational and business environments.

Our Basic Principles

Strength is about people and processes. Get the best people,
the best tools and build the best workflows.
Identify the right problems
Before starting to fix a problem,
ask yourself the following
question: Is this the right problem
to solve?
Create excitement
All cars get you from A to B, the sensation makes the difference. Create software that excites.
Don't let users know the complicated technology behind your product.
Test your assumptions.
Play with a purpose.
Solve problems not features.
Focus on people's problems, not
on what they want.
Keep pace with changes
Don't fight change, embrace it.
Every change has a good side,
focus on it.
Channel your focus towards the appropriate solutions.

Currently more than 8 million people depend on our products and services

Our goal is to provide them with helpful products and a positive service-oriented attitude.

Our Views About Software Development

Creating software is the
art of trade-off.
"Keep it simple, Stupid",
is easier said than done.
Solve more problems
than you create.
Iterate. Iterate. Iterate.