The Team

Meet our team. We know, we look cool. We also love to have fun, but when it comes to work, we take our jobs very seriously. You'll see that we're all one of a kind if taken separately but when we work together, we make the best team ever.

Flavia Olaru
Software Developer

Likes programming and is always interested in new technologies.
She has a joyful personality and she is always trying to explore life's opportunities in order to improve herself.

9 Is her favourite number
1.8 Favourite aperture size when taking photos.
Alex Marinescu
Q & A

Passionate about cars, driving, and photography. Loves to combine all 3 when the weather is good and when it's not, then pizza, gaming, and a good movie will do.

Nadina Lupu
The Wordsmith

Completely mesmerized by the beautiful colors shimmering the aurora borealis night sky. Ultimate energy boosters - her loved ones and adorable dog Sheeva. Loves reading and the smell of freshly cut grass.

3 days took her to stop falling while first skiing on a black slope
1 genuine offer is all he needs to say 'yes' to intergalactic time travel
Sebastian Birzeianu
The Mad Guitarist

Sebi is a maniac guitarist and sort of a music addict. He is always on a quest to know everything about everything, even if it smells like trouble. Life is short, so he tries not to worry too much.

Sergiu Brat
Software Developer

Wants to visit a lot of new places.

13 always seemed to be his lucky number
6.0 minutes would take him to make you smile
Robert Ungureanu
The Muscle Boy

Lives every moment to the fullest, loves to bury his feet in the sand but also likes to knock down the punching bag , he likes also football and the black & white pattern of the UEFA ball.

Silvana Carpineanu
Marketing Specialist

Enthusiastic, optimistic, and creative spirit - her favorite accessory is her smile, which she wears daily. She knows that for every minute spent organizing, an hour is earned

9 Making every day a "cloud nine" kind of day
29 the date when happened the most important things of her life
Kristina Blagojevic
Support and Sales

Very passionate about foreign languages. Sea and criminalistics lover. Her motto is: "Be kind, work hard, and amazing things gonna happen".

Mihai Gombos
Software Developer

Flea market junkie. Classics never get old type of guy. Curious about all things surrounding us.

7 is his magic number
25.0 minutes takes him to decide on a movie
Mircea Radu
The wise man

Is very passionate about his projects and loves to keep up with upcoming gadgets and technologies. Stays in shape with the weekly football matches and doesn't miss a move from his favorite teams.

Claudia Bors
Q & A

I'm an active person who loves riding her bike, and I consider that life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving!

6 our five senses are incomplete without the sixth.. a sense of humour
7 continents she hopes to visit during her life
Mirabela Ban
Support and Sales

I am an avid reader who loves nerdy things. Playing Dungeons and Dragons with friends, watching high-fantasy shows and movies, and thinking about times long past or far into the future.

Adrian Tuns
Software Developer

Is very passionate about programming. In his spare time he likes to drive and play video games. His favorite outdoor activity is mountain climbing.

10.0 minutes he spends daydreaming every day
8 is her favorite number because it's the symbol of infinity
Lacramioara Tamasoiu
Q & A

She loves nature and her dream is to travel around the world. She lives by the motto "Happiness comes from little things".

Marius Muresan
Front end engineer

Fascinated about mountains and people. Besides his job, one of his greatest fulfillments is investing into spiritual formation of people in contexts of volunteer work around his church.

25 years it took him to realize that
80.0 minutes spends playing poker every day
Romeo Bozga
Full House

He believes that in order to achieve something you have to clearly envision your goal. Also he sees sports as the best way to relax.

Ovidiu Capusan
Software Developer

Likes to live by these rules: "Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind" and "Love your neighbor as yourself".

1.0 minute it took to write 78 correct words (412 chars) in Romanian
9.99 seconds takes him to score after the football game starts
Viliam Bonomi
Software Developer

He is a veteran movie fan. His favorite movies are Once Upon a Time in America and Scarface, having the two of his most appreciated actors in the leading roles. Sports and music are also daily routines for him.

Robert Crisan
Software Developer

Sci-Fi books and movies lover. Enjoys spending time with his pets or playing on his computer. Never says 'no' to mountain trips.

13.0 minutes it takes him to go where no man has gone before
Horea Teodoru
The Mechanic

In search of adventures and always interested to discover new things. Enjoys spending time with his first love (a red Alfa Romeo), especially repairing or installing upgrades.

3.0 minutes takes him to make food disappear, just like a magician
29 the date when happened the most important things of her life
Kristina Blagojevic
Support and Sales

Very passionate about foreign languages. Sea and criminalistics lover. Her motto is: "Be kind, work hard, and amazing things gonna happen".

Adrian Novacescu
Mountain Man

He enjoys challenges and tries to learn new things every day. Loves comedy movies and sports, table tennis being his biggest passion.

7.0 hours plays table tennis every week