"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." George Santayana

NOV 1989

The fall of the iron curtain. The Dictator is dead, long live Democracy!

JUN 2003

Our first tool I-navigation has seen the light. We are prepared to invade the world.

AUG 2006

The idea for Mindomo mind mapping tool was born and we started working on it.

AUG 2010

Invaders can collaborate in real-time thanks to Mindomo's latest improvements.


Dracula reigns our land, vampire parties are commonplace.

FEB 2002

A new baby is born! Exswap comes to life and everything changes.

NOV 2005

I-navigation 3 a major release but invasion of the world is postponed :(

FEB 2007

The first Mindomo version was released. Second invasion of the world, this time for real.

SEP 2011

Invaders are seduced by Mindomo's simplified GUI and unique presentation mode.